With Frank Bello sitting out a short run of dates for "personal reasons," original bassist Dan Lilker rejoined Anthrax for the first time in 40 years, appearing onstage at The Metal Fest in Mexico on Saturday (April 13).

Lilker's temporary return was announced near the end of March and both sides looked forward to presenting this version of Anthrax to fans in Latin America.

The bassist played on the band's debut album, Fistful of Metal and has been involved with a lot of acts over the years, notably fellow thrashers Nuclear Assault and early grindcore pioneers Brutal Truth. He was also in S.O.D. with Anthrax's Scott Ian and Charlie Benante.

At the festival gig, Anthrax ran through many of their setlist staples, including all-time classics such as "Among the Living," "Caught in a Mosh," "Madhouse, "I Am the Law" and more. In addition to two cover fixtures ("Antisocial" and "Got the Time"), the band made two nods to their first album. "Metal Thrashing Mad," which is not terribly uncommon, was played as well as "Deathrider," which hadn't been performed since 2014.

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For the first time ever, Lilker hit the stage with classic singer Joey Belladonna, who entered the band after both he and Fistful of Metal singer Neil Turbin had both split.

See the full setlist and fan-filmed video below.

Anthrax Setlist, April 13, 2024 (First Show With Dan Lilker Since 1984)

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01. "Among The Living"
02. "Caught In A Mosh"
03. "Antisocial" (Trust cover)
04. "Madhouse"
05. "Metal Thrashing Mad"
06. "Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)"
07. "Medusa"
08. "In The End"
09. "Deathrider" (first time live since 2014)
10. "I Am The Law"
11. "Got The Time" (Joe Jackson cover)
12. "Indians"

Anthrax, "Caught in a Mosh" (April 13, 2023)

Anthrax, "Got the Time" (April 13, 2024)

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