The Dillinger Escape Plan headlining tour is full effect, and spastic tourmates Iwrestledabearonce are jacked up about the tour like a Marine cadet who actually digs the process endured during boot camp. "We couldn't be more stoked about all the stuff we have going right now," guitarist Steven told Noisecrep. "Dillinger and Darkest Hour are influential and amazing, so touring with them will be insane!

"Also, Tosin and Animals as Leaders are just mind-blowingly ridiculous, so getting to be owned by them every night will rule. On top of that, we have not one but two awesome videos coming out soon that are totally different than anything else out there and should definitely make people frightened and aroused. Hoorah 2010!"

Hoorah -- that's a Marine phrase, in case you weren't aware -- for this tour, for metal and for IWABO.

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