Iron Maiden fans now stretch across generations with a whole new lot cropping up as the youngsters get in touch with their metal side. One fan, Rossi Starbrook, a six-year-old boy currently fighting cancer, can be counted among Maiden's youngest supporters and was given the opportunity to meet his hero, frontman Bruce Dickinson.

Rossi was brought backstage to meet Maiden's "Air Raid Siren" at this year's Download festival where the band performed a headlining set in support of their latest record, The Book of Souls. Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of four, Rossi has been battling the disease for two years and his path to meet one of metal's most iconic singers is an organic and heart-warming one.

Singing "Aces High," Rossi's performance was uploaded to YouTube (watch below), where it caught the attention of a former Iron Maiden security member, as Team Rock reports. The video was then passed along to one of Download's founders, Andy Copping. From there, the Starbrook family was put in touch with Copping, who arranged the meeting.

"It was Rossi's first time seeing Maiden live so it was a truly unforgettable experience for him. He is the chattiest little boy, but he clammed up when he met Bruce!," exclaimed Rossi's mother, Leanne. "But Bruce was so lovely and chatted with Rossi. To see my little man so happy was just wonderful. I can't ever do enough to thank everyone who made this happen." Of course, Rossi had an amazing time and told his mother, "This is the best day ever. Download is the most awesome place." Photos can be seen at Team Rock.

Rossi will continue to receive treatments until May 20 of next year, which will then be followed up by a series of tests to determine what course of action to take next. A foundation, Team Rossi, has been established to help other children with cancer enjoy special days out.

Dickinson famously had a cancer battle of his own. Immediately following the recording of The Book of Souls, the singer was diagnosed with two cancerous tumors on his tongue. The album and subsequent world tour was pushed back as the band and fans around held out hope he would come out victorious. In May of 2015, the frontman was given the "all-clear" and Maiden returned their focus to releasing the new album and are currently inching closer to the end of their scheduled tour dates.

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