Iron Maiden fans can expect the group's new album The Book of Souls to feature killer vocals from Bruce Dickinson. In a new interview with U.K. magazine Kerrang! about the band's new disc and Dickinson's cancer diagnosis, bassist Steve Harris revealed that Dickinson sounds "better than ever."

Iron Maiden recorded their new album in late 2014 and in February of this year the group announced Dickinson had a cancerous tumor on the back of his tongue. Even though the timing of these events were close together, Harris stated that no one knew of or even suspected Dickinson's diagnosis while recording. "Bruce didn't know and none of us knew anything about… There was no inkling of any of it," Harris reveals to Kerrang! [as transcribed by Blabbermouth]. "He'd finished all his vocal bits completely anyway, and then there were some other bits and pieces we were doing. Really, we didn't know anything — he didn't show any signs at all. I mean, his singing, when you hear it… He's singing better than ever."

The group delayed the release of The Book of Souls to let Dickinson recuperate. Since then the singer has been given the "all clear" by doctors and Iron Maiden has set a Sept. 4 release for the album. Harris said Iron Maiden is now focused on looking forward. "It's such a personal matter for Bruce and the band that I don't think now is the time to talk about it," Harris said. "It's Bruce's story to tell when he feels the time is right. The one thing I can say is that Bruce is a trooper and more than ready for the next chapter of Iron Maiden. What matters now is that we've got an album coming out that I think our fans are going to love and we're all excited to share with them."

With the release of their new album, the bassist revealed that fans can expect a new tour from the group, as well. He said that they view “every show as sacred” and because of Dickinson’s cancer scare they feel this album and tour is more important to them than ever. The new issue of Kerrang! is on sale now.

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