Wordle, the word puzzle that has taken over the globe, has even seeped into the life of metal-legends Iron Maiden. Last Saturday, (May 14) the insidious daily challenge (that dares you to guess a 5-letter word via process of elimination,) caught the eye of whomever runs the Iron Maiden Twitter account. And it seems they liked it enough to bring it to the attention of their 2.3 million followers.

No, the answer isn't E-D-D-I-E, unfortunately. Iron Maiden doesn't have a Wordle-themed app that only has Maiden word puzzles, like Weezer does. Nor do they have a Heardle style app that makes Iron Maiden super-fans name-that-Maiden-tune (like Muse's Muse Heardle.)

Before we get to the answer, @IronMaiden followers generally had a decent response to the question and seemed to be into Wordle.

You wanna guess? Some other metal band approved Wordle answers might be SHRED, RIFFS, DEATH, BLACK, GRIND, SPEED, POWER, and LEMMY, just to name a few.  Not this time.

Ok.  And the answer was...

METAL.  Great job DJ Tommy.

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