Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith knows a thing or two about riffs, but as we'll see with his upcoming memoir, he also knows his way around some hooks. Smith has completed his first book titled "Monsters of River & Rock," which digs into his passions -- metal music and fishing.

While Smith has carved out a solid career with metal giants Iron Maiden, when not onstage he's often found fishing. In fact, his passion has landed him on the cover of Angler's Mail in the past and the guitarist is proud to delve into his passion more as he's used his "night" job to often bring his fishing gear around the world and find some of the prime fishing spots.

Smith got interested in fishing as a child in East London, often going on outings with his father. Though he eventually found fame with Iron Maiden, Smith never lost the fishing bug and his fishing trips got more adventurous over time.

The guitarist recalls his first sturgeon, a whopping 100-pounder from Canada’s swirling Fraser River that nearly wiped him out mid-Maiden tour. He also had a close shave with a large shark off the Virgin Islands whilst wading waist-deep for bonefish.

Described as "the ultimate fishing-fantasy armchair read," "Monsters of River & Rock" provides an interesting contrast between the tranquil world of fishing and the high energy, riff-heavy life of a rock star.

"Monsters of River & Rock" is due Sept. 3 via Virgin Books.

Virgin Books
Virgin Books / Photo by Nathalie Dufresne-Smith

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