2021 has been a year filled with Satanic Panic, from QAnon believers to moral outrage against Lil Nas X. Heavy metal has already been down this road, so we compiled some insane and hilarious Satanic Panic moments from the past.

The Devil lies within Gene Simmons’ codpiece. Back in the '80s, one man believed to have cracked a code found within KISS and Black Sabbath album covers. On the cover of Mob Rules, this rube points out so-called Satanic druids, while attempting to convince his viewers that a red splotch is in fact the face of the Devil.

Did you know that 80 percent of all toys on the market have a connection to the occult? It’s true, according to one guy! In a piece of old Satanic Panic propaganda, a connection between bar codes on products and the number of the beast — 666 — are made. Additionally, a now-infamous accusation against the Smurfs is made, claiming the blue-faced characters represent death and witchcraft.

Even police training videos gave in to the wave of Satanic Panic. As one mullet-headed gentleman describes, occultists often communicate with each other through graffiti much like gang members do. He even points out a drawing of a mushroom on the side of a dumpster, claiming it marks the site of a magic mushroom ritual held by a Satanic cult. Excellent detective work, sir!

Check out these Insane Satanic Panic Moments in the Loud List below.

Insane Satanic Panic Moments

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