A store owner and employee of a shop in Jakarta, Indonesia, have been arrested for selling a Kreator t-shirt which features the hammer and sickle symbol of Russian communism.

Beyond its well-known presence on the Soviet Union flag, the hammer and sickle was also a symbol used by the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), which has long been prohibited by the country. More Shop in South Jakarta sells a ton of rock and metal tees, including one of Kreator’s At the Pulse of Kapitulation live album. The album cover showcases the communist symbol, so the Kreator shirt was misinterpreted as a communist propaganda tool by Indonesian authorities.

Police eventually recognized it was simply a band shirt. “At the moment they’re just being questioned,” police commissioner Ary Purwanto tells Detik News. “There is no indication of treason. According to the suspects, they didn’t know it was the PKI symbol.”

Indonesian president Joko Widodo is actually a metalhead himself, professing his love for Metallica, Lamb of God, Napalm Death and others during his political rise.

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