In This Moment

She's been named one of the hottest chicks in metal, and when she takes the stage, longhairs for miles around find they're suddenly having trouble walking. In This Moment throat Maria Brink is tall, curvy, blonde, beautiful and friendly, making her the object of thousands of metalheads' desires. And now, all of those creepy little guys can buy an item of clothing Brink once put on ... and more importantly, sweat in.

Right this second, on eBay, Brink is auctioning off the blue dress she wore during the 'Forever' video shoot. She also wore the dress during a number of stops on the 2008 Ozzfest. Currently, there's one bid on the item from some anonymous eBayer who's offered up $500 for the garb.

According to the band, Brink "has received many messages from people asking about buying a dress and she felt like this was the perfect opportunity." The dress is mounted in a black frame, and the proceeds from the sale of the dress will apparently go to the band. There is no mention on the eBay listing of the money going to charity.

In the video for 'Forever,' Brink prances around the streets and in the surf wearing the baby doll dress. The video was shot in Los Angeles with Dave Brodsky behind the lens.

In This Moment is in Las Vegas at The Wolves Den studio working with Ozzy Osbourne's producer Kevin Churko on their third LP, 'A Star Crossed Wasteland,' which is set for release this summer, smack dab in the middle of this summer's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival tour, which the band will be playing.