In This Moment

Maria Brink, vocalist of In This Moment, recently checked in with Noisecreep and revealed her favorite releases and music of 2009. We put Ms. Brink on the spot with our request, to which she said, "Oh, I've been so out of the loop with music ... let me think!" We gave her a requested pause and can't blame her for taking a few moments to rattle off records, since she has been on tour promoting her band's latest effort, 'The Dream.'

"I love the new DevilDriver, 'Pray for Villains,'" Brink said, giggling about the bias of that choice, since her boyfriend is bassist Jon Miller! "Let me ask Chris [Howorth, guitars], since he knows what I love." Talk about bandmates truly being on the same page.

After a bit of muffled discussion, Brink said she dug Emmure's 'Felony' and the new Black Eyed Peas, saying, "I love metal and all types of music, but I really love that new record." She also threw props to Bury Your Dead and Lacuna Coil for their new releases, as well.

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