In This Moment

When In This Moment's third album, 'The Star Crossed Wasteland,' is released on July 13, it will be the closest the band has come to a concept album. "It's not quite a concept album, but it's a themed album," frontwoman Maria Brink tells Noisecreep. "It's this cowboy, apocalyptic wild west thread going through the album. It's all just a big metaphor for certain things going on in my life, but I made it into this big story." The title and theme of the album comes from author Stephen King's seven-novel series, 'The Dark Tower."

The band's last album, 'The Dream,' was notable for the fact that it was much more commercial than their debut, 'Beautiful Tragedy.' Brink says that the new album is a combination of the two. "It's the heaviest album we've ever written, but it's still very melodic," she says. "It's a really good combination of the melodies from the second album and some of the heavier tones of the first records."

Brink says the heavier feel of 'The Star Crossed Wasteland' was informed by both events in her personal life and the band's desire not to repeat themselves. "After the heavy album, I was touring so much with the heaviness that I was craving more of the melodic stuff," she says. "Also, I was just really happy going through that last album, and I was in a really good space.

"This album, I was in more of a heartbreak place. Me and my boyfriend broke up, and I was just going through some harder things in my personal life. I knew this was going to be heavier and darker, and it naturally just felt like it was supposed to be, and everyone wanted it to be. We did all those more melodic songs [on the last album], but we were missing the other side of it."