In This Moment are preparing to storm radio with their new dramatic single, 'The Promise.' Vocalist Maria Brink -- she of the blonde hair, cute princess dresses paired with Converse Chuck Taylors and fierce tattoo sleeves -- really shines on this track. The band took Noisecreep through the evolution and progress of 'The Promise,' the end result and execution of which is markedly different than the initial idea.

"'The Promise' has been a work in progress since Warped Tour ended in Aug 2009," guitarist Chris Howorth told Noisecreep. "Maria and Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch had been talking about doing a song together since 2008, so we were writing the song with that in mind from the very beginning."

With that blueprint in their heads, the band came off tour and began to pen the song -- and even practiced it live and in impromptu fashion. "Maria later came up with the melody and hook and most of the lyrics over one of the demos I made," Howorth said. "I remember playing the music demo and Maria singing the song live in the front lounge of our bus for Sirius' Jose Mangin and our A&R rep. We were really stoked because they both loved it. We sent the demo to Kevin Churko, our producer, and he saw the vision immediately."

Once the band set up in the studio, they decided to record this song first. Howorth continued, "Since it was a duet and we had to get two different vocalist to sing it, Churko knew of a local singer, Adrian Patrick, that he had worked with a couple of times and called him in to sing the male parts as a guide, so we knew what the song would sound like with both vocals together. I will never forget when Kevin called us into the studio to hear the rough draft.

"Hearing that song with both vocal parts was the biggest thrill of my career. It sounded like magic to all of us. Adrian had this deep, rich voice. And together with Maria, it was a sound I have never heard before from any band or any duet. It was such a thrill to write such a powerful song and hear it sound so amazing in its rough form."

Ultimately, business issues prevented Moody from appearing on the song, but when one door slams shut, a window opens to let the breeze filter in. "By then, we all came to love Adrian's vocals on this, so it was a blessing in disguise," Howorth admitted. "Sometimes these things happen for a reason."