When In Legend's publicist first contacted Noisecreep about the band, he described them as "piano metal." We thought we'd heard it all when it comes to metal sub-genres, but that was the first time we ever were pitched an artist with that description. We were intrigued.

In Legend's combination of traditional metal vocals with piano-based melodies makes for a totally unique listening experience. Vocalist-pianist Bastian Emig once described his band's music as "Tori Amos on cocaine," and we're not going to argue with the guy. Check out Noisecreep's exclusive premiere of 'Pandemonium,' a track from In Legend's upcoming debut album, 'Ballads 'N' Bullets.'

Emig spent much of his early childhood in Burkina Faso, a land-locked country in West Africa where many of his rhythmic sensibilities were born. Before forming In Legend, Emig won the hearts of countless Chinese metal fans as the drummer for thrashers Narakam. Noisecreep readers may also recognize Emig from metal a cappella band Van Canto.

Listen to 'Pandemonium'

"[Pandemonium'] features all of the key ingredients to the In Legend sound," Emig told Noisecreep. Although their songs are technically challenging to perform, Emig says he doesn't know how to read music. "I hear music but I've never seen it," he says. While there's no word on an In Legend US tour, we do hope they'll bring along an actual piano and don't wimp out with a keytar!

'Ballads 'N' Bullets' will be out in the US on June 14th via SPV/Steamhammer Records.

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