After teasing earlier this month that they would be releasing a new album titled 'Siren Charms,' Swedish metal act In Flames have just revealed quite a bit more info about the disc.

According to their Facebook page, 'Siren Charms' will be released on Sept. 5 via Epic/Sony, with the exception of in Scandinavia where Razzia Records will distribute the album. The group also revealed the track listing, which can be seen below. The eighth track on the disc, 'Rusted Nail,' will be the lead single and the artwork for the single has also been unveiled (pictured).

The artwork, created by Blake Armstrong of Space Boy Comics, is an interesting piece as a ship, which also bares a striking resemblance to a menacing shark, emerges from the water. The single is due on June 13 and fans can get a sneak preview of the song at the group's website.

In Flames recently teased their new album by faking out fans and making it seem as though a hacker had taken over their website. A message promised a big announcement from the hacker, but once it was revealed, the link took fans to a preview of their new album.

In Flames, 'Siren Charms' Track Listing

1. 'In Plain View'
2. 'Everything's Gone'
3. 'Paralyzed'
4. 'Through Oblivion'
5. 'With Eyes Wide Open'
6. 'Siren Charms'
7. 'When the World Explodes'
8. 'Rusted Nail'
9. 'Dead Eyes'
10. 'Monsters in the Ballroom'
11. 'Filtered Truth'