Founded by Detroit-based guitarist/vocalist Tony Piccoli in the early '00s, Imminent Sonic Destruction's progressive-minded brand of songwriting brings to mind greats like Dream Theater and Queensryche, and the harder charging riffing of Meshuggah and Strapping Young Lad.

Produced by Roy Z (Halford, Bruce Dickinson), 'Recurring Themes,' Imminent Sonic Destruction's debut album, won't hit stores till late February, but Noisecreep got its filthy paws on 'Driving Home,' a cut off the record.

"It's a song that has a special place in my heart," Piccoli told Noisecreep about 'Driving Home.' "I wrote it in 2004, so it's a pretty old song in relative terms. I have permanent images in my head that I see every time we play the song, and those images are basically what the song is about. When people ask what is 'Driving Home' about, my response is: "It's the things you think about on that long drive back home."

Listen to 'Driving Home' From Imminent Sonic Destruction

Imminent Sonic Destruction's 'Recurring Themes' will be out on Feb. 24.

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