With their earlier, Roadrunner-released albums -- 2001's 'Revolution Revolucion' and 2003's 'Confession' -- New Jersey-based Ill Niño displayed a knack for Latin rhythms and tropical percussion among biting metallic riffs and alternately screamed and sung vocals. For their forthcoming album, which the band will begin working on in February, they'll retain all the hallmarks of their sound.

"It will have that Latin vibe," drummer Dave Chavarri told Noisecreep. "We're all Spanish, and it will have that attitude to it. But it's going to be more Ill Nino times 10, intensity-wise and heavy-wise."

While the band enjoyed their first Latin radio hit a few years back, Chavarri said, "We want to do a real brutal, balls out record, while keeping the intensity. We don't want to jump on the bandwagon. We're not trying to be heavier than Pantera, Slayer or Metallica. Bands trying to do that need to give that up. You can't get heavier than that. We will try and be ourselves and have a great record that's catchy and heavy and takes you apart."