Ill Niño made their name concocting a patented blend of New Jersey-bred, Latin-flavored metal. The band -- whose music reveals layers upon layers of thunderous yet tropical percussion and blood-stained metallic fury -- will release its Victory Records debut, 'Dead New World,' on Oct. 26.

Noisecreep spoke to Ill Niño earlier this year, and they gave us the scoop that the new album would further the band's already potent stronghold on percussion-driven, Latin-laced brutality. 'Dead New World' was self-produced, but Sevendust's Clint Lowery lent a helping hand as well. The new disc is also the band's first sonic volley since 2008's 'Enigma.'

The album cover was designed by Tim Butler of XIII Designs, who has worked with everyone from Slayer to Slipknot to Michael Jackson to Metallica. Drummer Dave Chavarri said in a statement, "We wanted to have a tribal ethnic looking cover, and Tim's recreation design of a picture of three South American shrunken heads was everything we wanted. The 'Dead New World' cover definitely touches on our ethnic roots and history."

A full U.S. tour in support of 'Dead New World' -- which will also include the band's signature bilingual lyrics, flamenco guitars and salsa-infused bass lines -- is on the horizon.