Huntress play heavy metal.

When we say "heavy metal," we mean it in the purest sense of the musical definition. Their debut album, 2012's Spell Eater, brings to mind Painkiller-era Judas Priest, with no trace of metalcore or Auto-Tune on it.

The dual guitar work of Blake Meahl and Ian Alden is especially potent, firing off shredtastic solos and meaty riffs around every corner.

Huntress vocalist Jill Janus has been checking in with Noisecreep periodically and today she's got a kickass exclusive to share with us today! Janus meets Danzig? Yes, we're down.

We'll let her explain:

Hey Noisecreepers,

I have a little treat for you! When I was 15-years-old, I recorded a few Misfits songs with my best friend Ben Joplin. Recently, I found a cassette tape with several songs I wrote or covered during my angsty teenage years. Today I gave Noisecreep a recording the Misfits "Attitude" to share with you.

Listen to "Attitude"

I loathed high school and would skip class to play thrash songs in Ben's basement with his brothers. I was also very dedicated to my vocal training, having been born with a four octave coloratura soprano range. Music has always surrounded me. I starting performing at the age of 10 when I landed my first role in an opera at Orpheus Theatre in Oneonta, N.Y. I spent many years with the company, a child surrounded by odd theatre folk and ghosts waiting in the wings. The old Vaudeville theater was my escape. The musty scent of the stage curtains, half-naked showgirls tap dancing in moldy hallways, and of course, the occasional adulterous scandal.

Derek Brad

When I wasn't rehearsing or obsessing over Danzig, I was cleaning houses after school to fund my vocal and ballet lessons. I was a poor kid, but it helped me to forge a strong work ethic. I wanted to sing heavy metal, my mother prevented that since she thought it would ruin my voice. She was probably right, but I still found ways to sneak away to Ben's basement to rage. My classical training is now the foundation for my screams. And ever since I began vocal lessons with Melissa Cross, I never lose my voice. I tour almost non-stop, it takes intense dedication to stay healthy, Melissa's warm-ups every day and vocal rest after shows. I have always know my purpose, there has never been any other path for me. I was born to sing metal. And finally, my Mom is cool with it too!

Here is a photo of me at 16:

Jill Janus

Blessed Be,


Pick up Huntress' debut album, Spell Eater, on iTunes and Amazon.

Watch Huntress' "Eight of Swords" Video

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