Oli Aleron of Canadian tech-death legion Archspire possesses an absurd "shotgun" vocal technique that has legitimately redefined the boundaries of extreme metal. It all starts somewhere and this is how he learned to scream.

What you hear from Aleron now is a world away from his earliest influences, when he was first taking in and processing extreme vocals in heavy music for the first time. With inspiration coming from a wide range of artists — Chino Moreno of Deftones and Glen Benton of Deicide, to name just two — the budding vocalist soon realized that although he loved the sounds they were making, he wasn't capable of replicating them on his own.

Even in the case of Dying Fetus' John Gallagher, Aleron couldn't reason as to how that was even possible — a bit ironic considering the ridiculous vocal style he's managed to develop on his own.

Oh, and of course there's some chatter about cupping the microphone and whether that's a bad thing or not. "It's a boring conversation, for me," Aleron said of the topic. "I think that however you achieve a ridiculous sound with your mouth, you should do that and nobody should fucking tell you, 'That's cheating,' or 'That's inappropriate,' because there is no fucking textbook to how this is done. You're allowed to make whatever sounds you want."

Watch the full episode of 'How I Learned to Scream' below.

Archspire's new album, 'Bleed the Future,' is out Oct. 29 on Season of Mist. Get your copy here and follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

How Archspire's Oli Aleron Learned to Scream

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