It’s been nearly a year since HIM performed their final show in Helsinki, but vocalist Ville Valo isn’t finished with music just yet. A new project, Ville Valo & Agents, has just been announced with the first track from the project receiving a Sept. 21 release date.

After 26 years of “love metal,” HIM called it quits with their farewell 'Bang & Whimper' tour, citing a lack of excitement to write new material for their dissolution. Valo didn’t close the door on future musical projects, but his return came quicker than most expected. Not only will a single be released Sept. 21, but a full album will be released in early 2019 with a tour to support it.

Ville Valo & Agents was inspired by late Finnish musician Rauli ‘Badding’ Somerjoki. On what would have been Badding’s 71st birthday, Valo and Finnish band Agents announced they’ve recorded an album of unreleased songs from Badding, who actually collaborated with Agents late in his life.

“This story began three years ago when I found the three demo tapes sent to me. First thing I did was get in touch with Ville, 'cause dude's got a hard-on for Badding,” Agents’ Esa Pulliainen says. “I am more than happy to see this dude finally come true, even after thirty years of delay, to record these songs, and now I feel that the promise is fulfilled."

Mark your calendars, because Ville Valo’s first piece of new music since 2013 will arrive Sept. 21.

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