High on Fire

The guys in High on Fire are featured on the April cover of Decibel magazine. While being on the cover of any magazine is a major honor, the band members were admittedly freaked at the concept of having a live snake draped around their bodies. In fact, the band didn't even learn of the snake concept until the night before the photo shoot, which lead to hot panic.

"Someone was like, 'Hope you're comfortable around snakes!'" laughs High on Fire drummer Des Kensel. "It was weird because like, one: I've never really had a snake crawling all over me. And two: I just didn't know if we wanted to have snakes in the picture."

Freaked out phone calls to management and a few awkward on-set moments aside, High on Fire obliged and shot the cover in the photographer's vision. The vision was a reference to the title of High on Fire's new album, 'Snakes for the Divine.' The record is already creating waves in the metal world and even debuted at number 62 on the Billboard chart. Still, the trio doesn't consider themselves sex symbols, even when photographed for the cover of a major magazine or recognized by toddlers.

Kensel tells Noisecreep that he went to check out a daycare center with his wife and child and noticed a lot of kids staring at him. While his wife simply said, "Maybe they think you look weird," Kensel had other ideas, saying, "Maybe they know who I am! Maybe they saw the magazine ... maybe they saw Decibel!"

While Kensel was joking, High on Fire are serious into metal and continually gaining momentum. The band will hit the road this spring for a slew of headline shows.

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