High on Fire's newest album, Luminiferous, is now streaming in full. Thanks to the good folks at NPR, you no longer have to wait until the full-length's June 16 release to enjoy all nine fresh tracks (listen below).

Luminiferous is an absolute beast, but what else would you expect from Matt Pike, Jeff Matz and Des Kensel? High on Fire struck hard in 2012 with the brilliant full-length, De Vermis Mysteriis, and if you like your High on Fire filled to the brim with riffs, chaotic soundscapes and twisted vocals from Matt Pike, Luminiferous is a must-listen.

The concept for De Vermis Mysteriis was so bizarre that it's difficult to formulate into words, but during a 2014 interview we had with Matt Pike, he promised to take the insanity even further. "It [Luminiferous] is an extension of Vermis," Pike revealed. "Only it's way deeper. Way deeper."

The man's fascination with conspiracy theories and alien activity can be heard throughout High on Fire's 2015 offering, and we thank Pike for that. "We're doing our part to expose the Elite and the fingers they have in religion, media, governments and financial world downfall and their relationship to all of our extraterrestrial connections in the race to control this world," Pike said in a recent statement.

As for the album itself, Luminiferous is extremely dense and dynamic. A trove of new experiences await eager listeners, while "Slave the Hive," which was released in late 2013, has been rerecorded and sped up significantly to a fantastic result.

Stop what you're doing and listen to High on Fire's Luminiferous in full below! To pre-order the album before its June 16 release, click here.

High on Fire, Luminiferous (Full Album Stream)