The music world has lost a pioneer, as Herb Deutsch, the co-creator of the Moog Synthesizer along with Bob Moog, has died at the age of 90. He passed on Friday (Dec. 9).

Deutsch was a professor, inventor and composer, who served as a professor emeritus at Hofstra University in the field of electronic music and composition.

The Hempstead, New York-born Deutsch studied at the Manhattan School of Music. His partnership with Moog started when he assembled a theremin based upon Moog's design in 1962 and a year later was able to introduce himself to Moog at a music education conference. Deutsch and Moog started working together, with Deutsch being credited with the keyboard interface of what would become the Moog synth. The prototype of the Moog synth created by Moog and Deutsch is part of the Henry Ford Museum collection.

Moog Music posted a lengthy tribute to Deutsch detailing his history and passion for the instrument that he helped create that can be read below:

Today we celebrate the life of our friend Professor Herb Deutsch.
As a colleague, Herb helped Bob discover his passion for being a toolmaker. Together they developed a model for how engineers and artists may work together to achieve their creative dreams. The belief that an instrument's designer must understand the artist's mind and creative needs remains the core of all that we do at Moog to this day.
As a composer, Herb helped show the world how song is one of the greatest languages for storytelling. He believed in the power of music and recognized its role as a catalyst for change.
As an educator, Herb touched thousands of lives over his 50+ years of teaching. He inspired many to form lifelong relationships with music and composition. His students will remember him as a man who dedicated his life to making the world a more wonderful place through sound.
As a friend, Herb gave us the gift of a gentle smile and never let us forget the importance of kindness for our fellow humans.
Herb's legacy and place in the history of music will never be forgotten. And here at Moog, his laughter will be missed and cherished.
We are endlessly grateful for your friendship, collaboration, guidance, and creative spirit, Herb. Our love is with you and your family.

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