Hellyeah weren't kidding when they said that every night is a Friday night in their world! The band -- check out their ''Creep Show episode -- is about lifting spirits and focusing on feeling good and having fun, even in the bleakest of times. Check out this exclusive premiere of 'Cowboy Way' from the forthcoming 'Stampede,' their second volley for Epic Records. The song is sure to trigger a fist-pumping response from all who listen to it, thanks to its nasty riffing and ode to the cowboy lifestyle of lovin', leavin' and not givin' a f---.

The video captures the band knuckling down and playing their hearts out. It also features vocalist Chad Gray as a rock 'n' roll outlaw, revving the engine of a muscle car and on the open dirt road, blowing by a the highway patrol and a bunch of scantily-clad hotties looking to hitch a ride of Tijuana.

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There's also a pretty fearsome mosh pit that breaks out during the performance footage, and the clip effectively demonstrates that Hellyeah are all about bringing the good times. If this video and song doesn't aid you in blowing off steam, then nothing else will.

'Stampede' is out July 13. And be sure to come back here at 6 PM ET this evening so you can chat live with the band!