Helloween have unveiled the details to their 16th studio album, dubbed Helloween, and for good reason as it is the first album since the power metal originators welcomed back classic members Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske to form a three-singer attack.

Out June 18 on Nuclear Blast, the long-awaited album will be preceded by the lead single, "Skyfall," a 12-minute epic penned by Hansen, set to drop on April 2, with a teaser trailer that can be heard at the bottom of the page. The song will be the first since the reunion took place in 2017 and the group collaborated on the blistering "Pumpkins United," a track that celebrated the legacy of Helloween while looking toward the new era.

"This record is the coronation of the 'Pumpkins United' journey! Still, until today I am fascinated by the different character traits and facets of the Helloween history," said drummer Dani Löble, who joined the group in 2005. "Per example, the legendary voices of Michi, Andi and Kai. To enjoy them now together on one record, under one flag is the ultimate Helloween experience."

Guitarist Michael Weikath, one of two Helloween mainstays, offered, "It is the incomprehensible encounter of seven musicians who are working as friends and even family and created something that no one would have thought it could be possible. It is like awaking from a sleep but still being in an incredible dream."

"Being in the studio with my old companions after 30 years was very emotional for me," admitted Hansen, "But at the same time it was a completely different experience with the 'new' boys. The collaboration of different songwriters and strong characters made the album very special: a unique mix with reminiscences from all chapters of the band’s history. Helloween is a big part of my life and I am looking forward to celebrating the songs live for and with our fans!"

Bassist Markus Grosskopf, the other mainstay since 1983, looked back on the writing and recording experience, stating, "For me, being one of the last ‘survivors‘ who played every note from the beginning, it was a fantastic experience and a very emotional process. I think everyone can hear it on this album. I love it."

See the complete Helloween track listing directly below and look for pre-orders to become available March 26. Again, that 12-minute new song will be released on April, 2, so "watch out, beware, listen, take care!"

Helloween, Helloween Album Art + Track Listing

Helloween, 'Helloween' Album Cover
Nuclear Blast

01. "Out for the Glory"
02. "Fear of the Fallen"
03. "Best Time"
04. "Mass Pollution"
05. "Angels"
06. "Rise Without Chains"
07. "Indestructible"
08. "Robot King"
09. "Cyanide"
10. "Down in the Dumps"
11. "Orbit"
12. "Skyfall"

Helloween, "Skyfall" Song Teaser

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