Happy, happy Helloween (Helloween, Helloween)! In celebration of Friday the 13th, power metal heroes Helloween have issued their first new song since the return of guitarist / vocalist Kai Hansen and iconic singer Michael Kiske. Nobody from the band's lineup has been replaced, giving credence to the "Pumpkins United" title.

With the reunion frenzy currently sweeping rock and metal, it was hard to imagine Helloween linking back up with Kiske considering the strength of their catalog since Andi Deris replaced Kiske back in 1994 and that Kiske had openly detested metal since his departure. It's a family friendly vibe in the band that now features seven total members and they've teamed up to deliver something that should bring any Pumpkinhead to their knees, streaming tears of joy.

On this new song, Hansen, Kiske and Deris sing three-part harmonies while we also get triple harmonies from the guitars as "Pumpkins United" seethes with power metal glory. What's really fun about this one is that there's constant lyrical references to previous songs, so Helloween die hards, "Watch out... beware / Listen... take care!" At other times, the singers take on a tag team approach, each getting their moment in the spotlight and it can only foreshadow what's in store on Helloween's world tour under the same moniker of the song title.

"This year, Christmas and New Year’s Eve happen in October, because the aptly titled track 'Pumpkins United' blends everything that has made this band world-famous and a true trailblazer of an own sub genre: power guitar riffs, three-part guitar solos, double bass thunderstorms, and melodic-anthemic choruses soaring above all else, performed by all three singers of the band’s history! So this track is all about maximum 'United feeling' and a dream hardly anyone thought would come true," states the band.

"Pumpkins United" is available as a free download here. Helloween will begin their worldwide run (no U.S. dates yet unfortunately) on Oct. 19 and a list of all upcoming stops can be found this location.

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