You can't keep a good anthem down. The rap metallers in (Hed) pe know this, as they've constructed an entire eight-album catalog of heavy grooves and infectious hooks that demand movement and seek to inspire. In that tradition, Noisecreep is proud to premiere 'Stand Up,' the lead track from their forthcoming 'Truth Rising' album.

"'Stand Up' is a song about perseverance, which is one of the running themes of (Hed) pe," frontman Jared Gomes told Noisecreep. "Never giving up. Getting knocked down, but getting back up. Moving forward in the face of adversity." That message screams loud and clear, with the lyrics "always live in the now" setting the tone.

Listen to 'Stand Up'

Bellowing out the gritty chorus is Sevendust vocalist Lajon Witherspoon. Once the song was written, Gomes had a clear vision that Witherspoon would be perfect to lend his gift to the melody of the song. "We had played a show with Sevendust, and I had mentioned to Lajon that I would be honored to have him on our next album. I called him when the track was ready, and he blessed me with those awesome vocals and it came out perfect."

Truth and the search for it has been a long-embraced focus for (Hed) pe. For many, a chase for light in darkness can bring on negativity -- at least one borne from frustration. Gomes and company, who call themselves the leaders of the Truth Movement, hope people will avoid that misstep. "You have to move on to an area of empowerment. And I am trying to do my best to let the youth know that they have the power.

"I am worried about all the anti-government sentiment that I find in the youth," he explained. "I think it is important to remind the youth that the government should not be seen as some entity that is separate from the citizens. The citizens are the government. Also, I have tried to emphasize positivity and love over negativity and hate. These to me, are the most important aspects of the Truth Movement. Once you have entered the Truth Movement, it is important not to get stuck in any one area. You can't get stuck on 9/11 or the shadow government."

'Truth Rising' hits the streets tomorrow