Another week, another Weekend Heavy Metal post. Thanks for all your comments and feedback - we're stoked you're enjoying things. Please, contact us via email and follow us on Twitter. We love hearing from you!

Awesome stuff from this week:

+ Edsel Dope has a new hairstyle.

+ Metal heads everywhere ate up the new Heaven and Hell track, Bible Black. We loved it, too.

+ Duff McKagan's Loaded 'Flatline' video premiered yesterday.

+ Underoath has some "not so metal influences."

+ Tracii Guns likes The Ting Tings.

+ Wayne Static talked to us about Megadeth's Dave Mustaine on the new Static-X album.

Be sure to check out some of the great stuff our friends doing in the metal-blogosphere:

+ An interview with Mike Gitter, Roadrunner Senior Director of A&R [BITPOM]

+ Video of Converge breaking faces in the studio. [MetalKult]

+ Speaking of Metallica, here are some photos from their appearance at SXSW. [Skulls N Bones]

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