National Hockey League team the Minnesota Wild have teamed up with Swedish rockers HammerFall for their pre-game presentation. The Wild will use the band’s aptly titled song ‘Fury of the Wild,’ at all of their home games this season at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, as part of the introduction of the team and to get the crowd hyped.

HammerFall frontman Joacim Cans says of the band's alliance with the Minnesota Wild, “It's a tremendous honor to have a team in the NHL use one of our songs as their intro, and Minnesota is a great fit due to the Scandinavian heritage of many of the state's inhabitants.” He added, “We always felt heavy metal and hockey was a great mix, and this is the ultimate proof. The State of Hockey has got new fans in the 'Templars of Steel!'”

Minnesota Wild’s representative Paul Loomis said, “When we first discovered the song 'Fury of the Wild’ by HammerFall, it was like a gift because everything about it fits so well to what we try to do for game presentation.” He added, “The energy, the drive, and of course just having ‘Wild’ in the title makes it a perfect fit. And for the band to go out of their way to make an instrumental version rocks the State of Hockey!”

The Minnesota Wild will next take the ice to HammerFall’s ‘Fury of the Wild,’ when they battle the Phoenix Coyotes on Thursday night (Oct. 23).

‘Fury of the Wild’ is featured on HammerFall’s 2005 album ‘Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken.’

Last month, the band released their ninth studio album ‘(r)Evoluion.’ They will kick off a European tour in Oberhausen, Germany on Jan. 17. For more about HammerFall click here.

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