Mascots aren't just for sports! For decades, Vic Rattlehead has served as an extension of the Megadeth brand with the figure making appearances on classic album covers like Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? and the groundbreaking Rust in Peace among others. He's even graced the stage during the band's live performances and now you can become Vic yourself this Halloween!

An official Vic Rattlehead latex mask is available now, meaning you can be the most popular headbanger on the block come Oct. 31. The mascot (in)famously embodies the "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" adage with a metal plate bolted over his eyes, metal caps screwed into his ears and hooks desperately trying to clamp his mouth shut.

Too old to go door to door looking for free sweets? Perfect! This mask is "not suitable for kids" and there's surely a Halloween party or three on your list and you can't possibly break out your Iron Maiden "The Trooper" costume for a third consecutive year, right? We know it's a shoe-in for whatever costume contests are being held, but mix it up this year!

Grab your Vic Rattlehead latex mask at the Megadeth webstore and hopefully you've already got a suit to go with it. That's probably about as formal as any metalhead is willing to get on Halloween, huh? If you're looking to see Vic onstage with the thrash legends, there's still time as their tour opening for the Scorpions is still underway, wrapping up on Oct. 15. For a list of remaining dates, click here.

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