Grammy winners and road warriors Halestorm are in the midst of what seems to be a never-ending tour. Tonight (Sept. 6) they'll play in Atlantic City, and Atlantic City Blog spoke with frontwoman Lzzy Hale about the challenges of being a female in rock.

When asked how it felt to be a chick amongst the guys, Hale responded, "I like it! Too much estrogen makes it a little weird! I spend so much time with the guys that literally I become a crazy person when there are too many girls around. We’re usually not touring with a bunch of girls."

She went on to add, "The last tour I had that was consistently with another girl was Carnival of Madness last year with Amy Lee. Within the first five minutes of us meeting it was shoes, boys, makeup, all these things pouring out of me that I never talk about!"

"The guys in my band were like, 'You become a different person when Amy’s around!' I like being a girl," Hale says. "I like being with my guys. We all meet in the middle somewhere. They’re not uber aggro, they actually have really good hygiene (laughs) and for the most part, they enjoy everything that I like to do too. I think that just comes from growing up together. I’ve never taken being a girl in a band as a negative thing."

When it comes to things people might be surprised to know about her, Hale says, "It’s not very rock and roll, but I like to sew. I make a lot of my own jewelry, so there’s that. As far as strange habits, one of my favorite breakfasts is smashed avocado and bananas. People think that’s gross, but I actually like it!"

Halestorm's latest U.S. tour wraps up in October, then they head to Europe. They'll play a few dates with Shinedown and most of the tour with Alter Bridge before returning to the U.S. for yet another tour in late November.