H2O vocalist Toby Morse has recruited friend and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker to participate in his One Life Once Chance organization, which promotes a drug-free culture to kids. With 'OLOC,' Morse introduces the youth of today to his friends that live clean, healthy and positive lifestyles so they can see that being drug-free and being cool can be one in the same and that there are plenty of famous folks who choose to abstain from using substances.

"Me and Travis have been friends since the H20 and Box Car Racer tour," Morse told Noisecreep. "He's been backing what I have been doing since I started, and we have been talking about him getting involved somehow. And now he and Famous Stars and Straps have, and I'm psyched to have their support ... I appreciate it so much."

With OLOC, Morse travels to elementary and high schools to inform students about cool alternatives to using and abusing drugs and educates them about the choices that exist. Morse also exposes them to the idea of nurturing and maintaining a positive mental attitude. "From the streets of N.Y. to the stages worldwide and to the schools," said Morse, "the message is clear: Just because people are covered in tattoos from head to toe and play music for a living, does not mean they are druggies or thugs. OLOC breaks all kinds of stereotypes."

The straight edge lifestyle, going against the grain and a PMA are all part and parcel of hardcore and punk counterculture. Morse is doing his best to advance those ideals to kids all over the country. It's a noble cause, so it makes sense that someone like Barker would use his star power as well as his Famous Stars and Straps clothing line to help further One Life Once Chance's overall goals.

Barker himself said, "I love and support what Toby is doing for the youth. It's good that these kids can see that not every rock star is a drug addict and he [Morse'] is such a positive all-around role model for them. Most people that come and speak at [schools] are immediately written off by the kids; but Toby looks like them and they can relate to him. I am getting involved to help any school Toby speaks at that is in need of instruments and/or a music program."

Barker will donate entire drum kits to New York City schools as part of this program.