GWAR reunited a number of classic members for a pandemic special where they performed their classic Scumdogs of the Universe album in full, alongside a wealth of other pre- and post-show features. Now, it's all been compiled for the Scumdogs Live album and film, which will be released on Sept. 10.

"This thing was a three-ring gangbang circus from the drop," front-thing The Berserker Blothar, who recently appeared on a Fox News TV segment, commented.

"I just wanted to hang around with our old friends and get blasted, but of course, we had to face all of our Scumdogs era villains — Techno Destucto, the Redneck From Hell, and the Bad Biker Bitch to name a few," he added and noted, "All was well until Slymenstra lit me on fire during her torch dance. With friends like that, who needs enemies?"

In addition to those members mentioned above, the set also saw the iconic Sexecutioner take the stage to sing his namesake song.

View the artwork, complete track listing and DVD/BluRay bonus content features at the bottom of the page and pre-order your copy of the forthcoming live album, released through GWAR's own Pit Records, here.

For a preview of the mayhem, watch the video clip of the band's performance of "Love Surgery" below.

Also on deck from GWAR is a 10-inch plastic figurine of late vocalist Oderus Urungus. Three variants will be available in early October and pre-orders can be placed at the High on Plastic webstore.

Look for GWAR out on the road performing Scumdogs of the Universe in its entirety this fall, with support from Napalm Death and Eyehategod on most dates. See all the upcoming dates here.

GWAR, "Love Surgery" From Scumdogs Live Album/Film

GWAR, Scumdogs Live Album Art, Track Listing + Bonus DVD/BluRay Content

GWAR, 'Scumdogs Live'
Pit Records

01. "The Salamanizer"
02. "The Years Without Light"
03. "Sexecutioner"
04. "Black and Huge"
05. "Vlad the Impaler"
06. "Death Pod"
07. "Maggots"
08. "Love Surgery"
09. "Horror of Yig"
10. "King Queen"
11. "Sick of You"
12. "Techno's Song"
13. "U Ain't Shit"
14. "Cool Place to Park"
15. "Slaughterama"

Bonus DVD/BluRay Content:
— Behind the Scenes with Sleazy P Martini
— The Return of Techno Destructo
— Bälsäc and Jizmak Meet a Young Fan
— Backstage with the Bad Biker Bitch
— Pustulus Amp Check
— Bonesnapper Meets The Sexecutioner
— Slymenstra’s Green Room

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