Sorry prisoners, you can’t have Let There Be GWAR on the inside. Virginia’s Department of Corrections has banned the book from at least one prison, calling Let There Be GWAR “detrimental to the security and good order of the institution and the rehabilitation of offenders.”

Let There Be GWAR is a book which chronicles the legendary lore and real-life history of GWAR, pulling no punches in covering the band’s often-offensive history. We’re not sure if it was Oderus Urungus’ giant cuttlefish penis, the systematic slaughter of celebrities onstage or GWAR’s penchant for human genocide, but GWAR received a letter from the Commonwealth of Virginia revealing the book is not suitable for prisoners in the state.

We’re not surprised that prison officials won’t allow Let There Be GWAR behind bar, but we’re flabbergasted that out of the book’s 360 pages, only five were deemed detrimental to inmates. Just five?! Considering what’s likely within the book’s additional 355 pages, the banned five must exhibit horrors beyond human comprehension… or tips on how to turn your toothbrush into a shank.

GWAR posted the letter via Facebook:

If anyone has this book PLEASE tell us what’s on pages 120-121, 270 and 282-283. You’ll receive our eternal gratitude.

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