Guns N’ Roses have been plugging away writing material for the follow-up to their 2008 album Chinese Democracy. While it has been eight years since the band released the long gestating effort, guitarist Richard Fortus recently said the group has enough material to record “two or three albums.”

In an interview with French publication VerdamMnis, Richard Fortus and keyboardist Dizzy Reed, who are also in the band The Dead Daisies, shared an update on the writing sessions. Fortus said that GN'R members have been sharing digital music files “back and forth” and that they are “looking forward to getting at it seriously and release a new album as soon as possible.”

Fortus also said that all the band members are involved with the writing process and “there’s two or three albums’ worth of material.” Dizzy Reed added, “It’s good stuff. That will come out awesome.” He quickly noted that they have no idea when it will be released however, adding, “We just don’t know it yet. Only Axl knows and he’s very secretive. Be patient!”

“Patience” is the key word as fans have been forced to embrace a lot of down time. In a recent interview, Fortus said GN'R is eyeing a return in 2016, but we will just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, The Dead Daises released their second album, Revolucion, in June, They will kick off a tour down under in the fall, opening for KISS starting on Oct. 3 in Perth. In November, the band heads to Europe and Russia, opening for Whitesnake starting on Nov. 8 in Moscow.

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