Danko Jones

Guns N' Roses are giving fans the ultimate bang for their buck during their Canadian tour in support of 'Chinese Democracy,' reports Danko Jones, frontman of the eponymous Canadian rock band opening for Guns N' Roses on the jaunt. "It's amazing," Jones told Noisecreep via telephone from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. "They put on a three-hour show. Every song you'd want to hear, they play it. It goes on for three hours. By the end of the night, by the time they walk out of there, they're getting their money's worth."

The lead vocalist/guitarist -- who is joined in the band by bassist John Calabrese and drummer Dan Cornelius -- is seeing Guns N' Roses for the first time on this tour. He is, however, a longtime fan who owns the Guns N' Roses albums 'Appetite for Destruction' and 'G N' R Lies.'

"I never saw them before," Jones said. "It's cool to see Axl Rose in action in person. Being able to watch it from an insider's point of view, it's pretty cool. He's a great performer. The one thing I'm most fascinated with is how he can keep his voice up for that long. He sings at such a high register, and he's very active on stage. It's pretty wild how he can do it. It's not as if he's 20 years old anymore. To be able to do it for three hours at that register, with that much action going on is quite impressive. I'm very impressed."

On the tour, Danko Jones are joined by fellow support act Sebastian Bach, who is equally as impressed as Rose. "He's awesome," Jones said. "He's got it all. He's still on his game, and he sings those songs like it was yesterday. He's a great, energetic frontman. What you see on stage is what you see offstage, too. He's a pretty genuine guy."

The Toronto-based rock trio is using the tour to showcase a new song, 'Active Volcanoes,' which will appear on a currently-untitled record. The new collection is the follow up to 'Never Too Loud,' an album that was released in the United States in 2009 and Canada and Europe in 2008.

"In America, we just put out 'Never Too Loud.' It's probably five months old now. [The new album's release] depends on where we are in the world. Europe and Canada are probably going to get the release of the new record. We want this record to be a worldwide release. We just finished mastering it. But nothing's done, like the cover and the artwork. They still need to be done. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done on the record. As far as recording the songs and everything, that's finished."

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