There's good news for Grim Reaper vocalist Steve Grimmett, as the singer has been released from a hospital in Ecuador after recently having his leg amputated to combat an aggressive infection. Grimmett spent nearly a month in the hospital, and he's now checked in with fans to let them know he'll be returning home soon.

Grim Reaper were on tour in Ecuador when the singer was taken to a hospital, where it was discovered he was suffering from a foot and bone infection. The singer underwent multiple surgeries before a good portion of his right leg was amputated.

A fundraising site was launched while the vocalist was hospitalized to help with his medical bills, with over $14,000 raised so far. As stated, Grimmett just signed on to social media with a pair of updates. The first was a simple positive posting with the singer smiling and standing while leaning against the hospital bed with the caption "Goodbye hospital." See that below.

The second was more of an informative posting, with Grimmett sharing his appreciation for all the support he received from fans and a more detailed update of what happened to him over the past month, as well as his plans to fly back home within the coming week. His post reads as follows:

Guys, I am totally overwhelmed with all your best wishes and get well messages, they are all very welcomed and at times have had me in tears. I'm sorry if I haven't replied to you messages but I've had so many its impossible to keep up so thank you for that, I feel very lucky I have my wife, my family, my friends and last but not least my fans I do truly love you all, as you can imagine it's been very hectic for Amelia and myself what with all that's been going on but just want to assure you I'm not giving up and will be back as soon as I can get back on stage without a wheel chair or crutches, and I know that's a hard and painful road ahead. Ok just to let you know exactly what happened, I am diabetic, which screws your body in all sorts of ways, one of the ways it got me was hardening of the leg arteries so blood flow in my legs wasn't very good and I ended up getting an infection in my right leg, the pain was excruciating also I was getting hallucinations, I had a doctor treat me at my hotel before the gig in Guayaquil and shot me full of pain killers but the pain finally got me and had to sit for some of the songs but I wouldn't not finish the set, I sat with our army of fans for an hour after the show then my doctor wanted to get me into hospital, and in short had 3 operations and I lost my leg three inches above the knee, that is now well on the mend and will be flying home on Wednesday 15th and arriving Thursday 16th early in the morning straight in to rehab to learn how to get around, again I would like to thank you all for your support I do love you all
All the best
Steve Grimmett

Loudwire sends our best wishes for a safe trip home for Grimmett as he prepares to make the journey home. You can still contribute to Grimmett's YouCaring page to help with his medical bills. Head here to make a donation.

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