If you aren't familiar with Vended, they're a fledgling metal band that features Griffin Taylor and Simon Crahan — the sons of Slipknot's Corey Taylor and Shawn 'Clown' Crahan. The young Taylor told Knotfest's Ryan J. Downey during the band's first video interview that he gets seeing Vended get compared to Slipknot.

"For me, I do see people's responses to it, and I get a lot of great responses, because I love the crowd. I love the fans because they've been there for my dad and they will be there for me and I will not force them to be. But we do get backlash because of the comparison and the similarities," he said.

"But we are different. And there have been times where I've read some hate comments on YouTube and I literally went into the bathtub, filled the bathtub up and just immediately started crying. I was just so fucking in a bad place before we got here. And now I'm in a good place because I'm with my friends."

Vended, which in addition to Taylor and Crahan also features bassist Jeremiah Pugh and guitarists Cole Espeland and Connor Grodzicki, released their first single in September, titled "Asylum." They played Knotfest Iowa a couple of days later, performed at Knotfest L.A. in early November and then went out on their own headlining tour. Their first EP What Is It/Kill It came out on Nov. 12, but Taylor added that they will eventually get started on a debut studio album.

"We are planning on making an album, making our own projects, making our own videos, personal things," he assured. "I've got some things that I've always wanted to do, but right now, since we're so new and since we don't really have the funds, it has to be put on hold. But we do have plans for more stuff."

"And I've been rewriting and writing and just trying to make it perfect so that it speaks from my soul. Because that's all I've ever wanted — is to speak from my soul."

Watch the full interview below.

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