Weeks after being sued by former bandmate Jack Russell for continuing to use their band's name, the members of Great White have launched a counterclaim against the ousted frontman, Blabbermouth.net reports.

In their suit, lead guitarist Mark Kendall, keyboard player Michael Lardie and drummer Audie Desbrow charge Russell with, among other things, being hooked on painkillers, lip-synching in concert and misleading fans with his new band, Jack Russell's Great White.

According to Russell's ex-cohorts, the singer "never contributed substantially" to songs, even in his prime, and over the years, he let his once-mighty voice fall into disrepair.

"By 2000, Russell's voice had deteriorated," the documents read. "Unable to perform adequately for an upcoming European tour, Russell suggested that the band play to pre-recorded music and lip sync entire concerts."

The claim goes on to detail other incidents of alleged drug use and embarrassing live shows, all of which led to Russell being replaced on the road by Terry Illous. Russell was slated to return, the band says, but in December 2011, he announced plans to "take his band name and leave."

Instead, Kendall filed for a trademark, and after additional inter-band drama, Russell formed Jack Russell's Great White, which he's touring with now. In his original suit, Russell said he was unfairly forced out, since the other members wanted him to abstain from taking anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Russell has said he'd never reunite with the old gang, and given what his his ex-bandmate say in their claim about his recent shows, it seems they're equally uninterested in getting back together.

"Russell's current performances are not up to the standard of Great White," the claim reads. "His singing is consistently flat, and his performances are damaging the Great White mark."

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