Ov Hell

Members of Gorgoroth and Dimmu Borgir under one roof? That's a black metal match fostered in the deepest recesses of hell. It was probably conceived in Satan's bed itself. Just don't call it a 'supergroup,' because that would be terribly 'mainstream.' With former Gorgoroth bassist King ov Hell and Dimmu Borgir vox Shagrath forming Ov Hell's core, the band is as violent and nihilistic as any ritualistic sacrifice of virgins on a blackened, bloodied altar.

"It's always refreshing working with people you haven`t worked with earlier," King, who plays bass in this gruesome twosome, told Noisecreep. "Shagrath and I have a very different backgrounds, but after meeting up at different festivals and parties, I knew that we had much in common musically. We're both used to run things ourselves, and that made this one of the easiest records I have done to date. We agreed, for the most part, on everything concerning arrangements and how things started to shape up. You always learn something from each record you make. I have problems with putting my finger on exactly what I have learned from this record, though"

Ov Hell bring a feast for kings -- ahem -- to the black metal banquet with 'The Underworld Regime.' King said, "The combination of my songwriting and Shagrath's vocal arrangements creates something new. You will of course hear traces of both Gorgoroth and Dimmu in Ov Hell. I think that it`s only natural since we both have been significant creative forces in the aforementioned bands. I do, however, think Ov Hell has it`s own voice like no other band I have heard before myself. We haven`t reinvented the wheel, but we will, for sure, blow one up if we ever see one."

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