Gojira have just released a new video for “Silvera.” The clip is Gojira’s second from their upcoming Magma album, and the new song absolutely rips.

The French metallers filmed the video for “Silvera” in New York City, playing the fresh track on a rooftop. While the boys jam “Silvera,” we get quick looks into the bizarre lives of people within the concrete jungle. New York City is a weird place, but even these residents would make New Yorkers uncomfortable.

During the clip, we see a woman covered in a flour-like substance, a pixel-faced man who loves himself a little too much, a woman dunking her face in black liquid and many others. These people even defy gravity at times. In between the bizarre humans, some beautiful cityscapes are shown both from an aerial view and from the ground.

Magma was deeply shaped by the passing of Mario and Joe Duplantier’s mother, as the brothers told us in an exclusive interview. “Everything we go through in life inspires us to write songs and this was like an earth-shattering event,” Joe said. “For us being musicians, it’s a way to cope with life in general, so of course for a moment that intense and that important there’s no other way than expressing it in the music. It’s still hard, it’s not because you write about it, it becomes easy but it helps for sure. This album is full of that experience.”

Check out Gojira’s new video for “Silvera” above. Magma comes out on June 17, so click here to pre-order a copy.

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