For the first time ever, Gojira dusted off “Adoration for None” and performed it live with guest vocalist Randy Blythe. The Lamb of God vocalist lent his voice to the original recording of the brutal track, which appears on Gojira’s 2008 album, The Way of All Flesh.

Gojira had never played “Adoration for None” live before last night’s (Nov. 1) gig in Blythe’s home town of Richmond, Va. Though Blythe has joined Gojira onstage a handful of times at various festivals, they’d always play “Backbone” together instead of their actual collaboration — “Adoration for None.”

“They flew me to France and recorded this thing and now, for the first time ever, we’re bringing it home here,” Blythe said to the crowd. “We had a wonderful time together, we wrote and recorded wrote this song together. It’s never been played live before ever.”

Watch fan-shot footage of Gojira and Randy Blythe jamming “Adoration for None” below.

Gojira and Randy Blythe - Adoration for None (Live in Richmond, VA)

Adoration For None (With Randy Blythe) (Live Debut) - Gojira (Richmond, VA) (11/01/2021)

As for Gojira’s newest album, Fortitude, Randy Blythe had some very kind words for the record just after its release. “Fortitude, Gojira’s seventh studio offering, succeeds in achieving what very few metal albums do: without sacrificing a single ounce of earth-shattering heaviness. The album moves beyond the often self-imposed constraints of the genre into something entirely else. The palette of heavy metal is used to construct something more than metal: a gorgeous, dense, sonic painting of life itself.”

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