No matter how many times we see it and no matter who it's with, seeing a kid jump onstage to play with a band is always awesome! For one 12-year-old boy, he got a taste of what rock stardom feels like, hopping onstage to jam with Gojira at last night's (Oct. 2) show in Cleveland, Ohio.

The fan-shot video seen above shows frontman Joe Duplantier introducing young Haden to the crowd. He went on to mention that the youngster had won a contest unbeknownst to the band. "I don't know what he's up to, apparently there was some sort of contest or something I wasn't aware of but he's going to jam with us a little," the frontman stated.

While the members of Gojira were uncertain about what was going to happen next, it's safe to say they were won over when Haden started hammering away on Mario Duplantier's kit. Mario was seen standing on the side of the stage waving his sticks in the air, imploring the crowd to cheer Haden on. He unleashing a flurry of double kicks and muscular moments and Gojira began to chug along with Haden's beats, later letting him have the spotlight with a drum solo of sorts. And, yes, the crowd went wild!

The riffing juggernauts are currently on a headlining U.S. tour in support of last year's standout effort, Magma, having wrapped up select support slots with Metallica over the summer. With support from Torche and hardcore breakouts Code Orange, Gojira's headlining tour is a can't-miss tour and to see the list of remaining dates, click here.

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