Godsmack frontman Sully Erna will make his film debut in Army of the Damned. According to the movie's official Facebook page, the story revolves around a filming of a hit reality TV show that goes horribly wrong when a group of small town cops respond to a call. No release date for the film has been released yet.

Photos of Erna as character Sheriff Bridge have been posted on Army of the Damned's Facebook page. Check 'em out -- Sully's packing some serious heat!

Attila will release About That Life on June 25. Pre-orders are available here, and you can listen to a snippet of the new song "Middle Fingers Up" below.

Listen to 'Middle Fingers Up'

Broken Hope will release their sixth album Omen of Disease this year. That sounds like....death metal! It's also the name of a song on the record, their first "title track" since 1991's Swamped in Gore.

"Some time ago, a festering death metal prophecy indicated something sick and brutal was coming back from the dead," said the Hope's Jeremy Wagner, who serves as chief lyricist. "The malignant signs became evident when Broken Hope first resurrected from the grave and then went on tour. A more sinister foreboding followed when Broken Hope wrote a new death metal album for the world to hear. Today, I'm a harbinger, here to alert everyone of a 'death metal omen' that is upon us...I speak of the new Broken Hope album, Omen of Disease. The album title itself reeks of a musical offering that is nothing short of gruesome. Omen of Disease will be released to infect everyone worldwide this summer. I promise: this death metal album is a most savage, feral, pestilential, and lethal creation. You've been warned..."

Chimaira are seeking help via fan-funding aka crowdsourcing for the special fan CD/DVD edition of their new album, Crown of Phantoms, due out July 30. You can watch the creepy and satirical video, starring frontman Mark Hunter being interrogated, below. The video details their plans and the perks being offered only to those who contribute, along with a snippet of the new song "Kings of the Shadow World." To donate to their Indie GoGo campaign, go here.

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