is ready to release a new album that the band's singer openly describes as "ferocious." But wait: it isn't the simple. The black metal act will thrust 'Carving Out the Eyes of God' to fans in the coming months – but the sound might surprise you. "To me it's like AC/DC meets the devil and there are parts that...you can almost hum them, the cycle of the song – they get caught in your head," says Ben Falgoust of the band's evolved sound.

That's right: Goatwhore is going melodic, but don't get out the pitchforks just yet. "It's definitely part of the cycle of what Goatwhore is...when you say melodic, we don't mean like the Swedish metal thing that is going on," Falgoust quickly explains. "More melodic in a traditional sense like rock n' roll, per se. That's the rudiment of a lot of things are and a lot of older black metal, it's almost punk orientated and rock n' roll, mixed with evil and ferocious overtones to it. That's the way of the evolution of the band is coming off, especially adding in elements of traditional early metal and traditional early thrash metal as well."

Goatwhore is continuing to find their own definition of heavy while being true to their own vision. If this means pissing off some fans in the process, so be it. "At a point you need to put your foot down and say this is what we like and what we like doing and I think you lose the enjoyment of what you're doing and it becomes a stale thing, trying to impress somebody, rather than trying to impress yourself."

'Carving Out the Eyes of God' will hit store shelves June 23 on Metal Blade.

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