Girl on Fire's 'Revenge' EP features the ominous, riffy and poignant song 'Secret Lies.' Noisecreep is please to premiere the song, which has its lyrical roots planted in a serious personal situation that singer Austin Held endured, which can be universally applied and related to by all who listen. Few songs are as resonant as those which are informed by personal experience and this is one of those songs.

"This is one of those songs that took a lot to write. Months actually," Held told Noisecreep. "I believe the only way to live life is to be true to yourself and be who you are. We all know people who put on a different face when they feel they have something to hide." We sure do, Austin.

The singer shared even more about the inspiration for the song, saying, "For example, I had a friend growing up that met a girl, got into some heavy drugs and a lifestyle that wasn't who he really was. He ended up having a child with her and believed that it was the 'happily ever after' ending he wanted. Turned out, raising a child is a lot harder work than he thought. He was so excited when his kid was born and I tried my best to be supportive."

Listen to 'Secret Lies' from Girl on Fire

Despite that support, things didn't go very well for Held's friend. "Over the course of two years, my friend and his 'lady' split up several times and didn't provide a healthy environment for his own child," Held explained. "The kid now lives with my friend's parents and I run into him every so often, but never at his folk's place. On average he's out and about partying and being the person that he has become. I still have plenty of love for him and I wish him the best, but he tends not to acknowledge that he has a child that doesn't get to spend quality time with her father."

Held learned a life lesson from this situation, saying, "It seems that this example shows that a loss of responsibility plays a big part in the loss of who we are. To me, our secrets are lies to rest of the world and even to those who really care about us. I've met plenty of people that hide from who they really are and put up veil of who they think they're supposed to be. Instead of hiding from who we are, and denying the things that we've done, embrace who we've become and let go of the demons inside. That's the only way we can live life and not lose our minds."

That's heavy stuff, just like the sonic attack of the song.