GenitorturersMorbid Angel bassist David Vincent has an alter ego, dubbed 'Evil D' of the Genitorturers. His missus is Genitorturers' vocalist, Gen! While some couples are best served keeping their careers separate from their home lives, Gen and Evil D thrive while conspiring musically.

"Working together is definitely an ongoing exercise in mutual respect on every level," Gen told Noisecreep. "We are both very strong-willed folk, and on every issue, there is a lot of back and forth and give and take that goes on in regard to music. There are issues that we both come together and agree on strongly; however, there is always quality and striving for excellence with everything we do. Sometimes this might add a bit of time to the process itself, but in the end, when things are finalized and we are in agreement, you can rest assured that we both stand behind and are 100 percent proud about what we have created together."

Since the couple does not have any offspring, they channel all of their mutual love and passion into their music -- which is something they create and care for -- almost like a spawn. "We do not have children, but what we do have is our music that we create together," Gen said. "With this particular album, we took a great deal of time to nurture it and are thrilled with the end result."

Gen also said that their shared creativity is a spark and a fuse for the couple, but don't expect her to be lending her vox to any Morbid Angel albums in the near future. "As artists, we definitely feed and support each other's creativity," Gen said. "The most important of which is pushing each other to be strong individuals. I don't foresee Morbid Angel adding any female vocals anytime soon. But if it was appropriate, if it was requested and the need arose, I am on call to belt out some brutality, if asked."

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