Former God Forbid guitarist Dallas Coyle has resurfaced with a new one-man project, dubbed Genetic. Noisecreep is premiering the song 'Dead Icon,' which operates on a current of techy-sounding metal. The song seems like a crunchy cross-pollination of Fear Factory, Meshuggah and Mudvayne.

'Dead Icon' is a bonus track from the 'I Am Genetic' album. More importantly, Coyle -- who has relocated to Miami -- is donating all proceeds from the digital download of Genetic's music to cancer research, because it hits close to home, as his daughter is battling leukemia.

Listen to 'Dead Icon'

"Genetic is a progressive metal/electronic project all done on my computer with themes of science and spirituality," Coyle told Noisecreep. He admitted to laying low in the music scene, "because I believe it's too unstable to really make something happen right now. I've started a company called Mad Carousel with a partner of mine that deals with film, comics and all types of entertainment. But this year we're working on a really cool app for the iPhone."

Mad Carousel also has a script, dubbed 'The Vultures,' currently in development in Hollywood. Coyle acknowledged that "independent money for films are few and far between, so we're going slow on that one. Also, we're working on an instructional DVD based around being in a band and songwriting."

If you like what you hear with 'Dead Icon,' we encourage you to purchase a download of the album, as it's for a good cause.