KISS legend Gene Simmons made a special appearance last night at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles before the Dodgers faced the New York Mets to toss out the honorary first pitch before the game.

Simmons, who unlike many celebrities, nailed a perfect strike, was joined by his longtime paramour Shannon Tweed and their daughter Sophie (both co-stars in the long running hit reality series, Gene Simmons Family Jewels).

According to sources, talk show hostess/comedienne Chelsea Handler was spotted in the Dugout Club at the game supporting the rock legend, after he was grilled last month on Chelsea Lately. Simmons spent time chatting with All-Star player Matt Kemp, and getting a few pointers from the Dodger players in the dugout and on the field.

Watch Gene Simmons' perfect pitch

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Immediately after the game Simmons rejoined his band mates in Canada where they are in the midst of headlining a North American summer tour.