When U.K. punk legends GBH decided last year to get back together and write a new album, they just had one problem. They didn't have record label. So once the band made some decent demos of new songs, they sent it out to a bunch of record companies and industry friends, including Rancid guitarist Lars Frederiksen.

"I always send Lars CDs of what we are up to because I know he's a fan," G.B.H. vocalist Colin Abrahall told Noisecreep. "He loved the demo and played it for [Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong, who owns Hellcat Records]. Tim loved it and offered us a deal."

Frederiksen's role for GBH's new album 'Perfume & Piss' went deeper than A&R man. After the record was done, the band sent him the songs on an external hard drive and he and Michael Rosen mixed the album. GBH's relationship with Frederiksen dates back many years. "When he was 11 years old back in 1983 he came to a show in San Francisco and was the annoying little kid down in the front asking if he could sing a song," Abrahall said. "We gave him the mic and he sang 'Sick Boy,' and he knew all the words. Look at him now."

Even though 26 years has passed since Abrahall gave Frederiksen the chance to sing onstage, Abrahall and his band mates don't feel much different today than they did when they were just starting out.

"Maybe we're not as naïve," said Abrahall. "Also, we are probably better musicians. You can't help improving with practice and we have had 30 years of practicing. But I still feel 17 at heart and always will – I hope."

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